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Source: Opel

The Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN fuel cell van makes no compromises on cargo volume, can be refuelled quickly and can cover up to 400 kilometres (WLTP) emissions-free. This pioneering, environmentally responsible and practical concept has now been awarded the 40th “KS Energie und Umweltpreis” by the “Automobilclub Kraftfahrer-Schutz e. V.

Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen — Source: Opel

At the prize giving today in Munich, Germany, Dieter Anselm, the spokesman of the KS automobile club jury said: «We are convinced that vehicles with electric motor and fuel cell, as well as vehicles with electric motor and lithium-ion battery, have a great future. We would therefore like to award Opel, as a representative of this innovative propulsion concept which is already in use». The patron of the prize is the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

«Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles enable environmentally responsible operation without compromises. We are therefore delighted with the KS Energy and Environment Prize for the Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN. We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Rüsselsheim. We intend to expand our leading position, including the extension of this technology to large delivery vehicles as of 2024», said Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Enlarged Europe Chief Operating Officer of Stellantis, who is also responsible for piloting the commercialisation of the company’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The award was received by Peter Kuhn, Group Manager Light Commercial Vehicles at Opel, with 100 guests from politics, local authorities and the media in attendance.

Ole Eilers (President of the KS Automobile Club) and Peter Kuhn (Group Manager Light Commercial Vehicles at Opel) — Source: Opel

Pioneering concept: Long range, emissions-free, short refuelling stops

The Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN is ideal for fleet customers who want to cover long distances or who need to refuel within minutes. The electrically powered light commercial vehicle based on the Vivaro-e “International Van of the Year 2021” is a hydrogen fuel cell electric van with plug-in battery.

The packaging of the technology is so compact that it makes no compromises on cargo space compared with conventional powertrains. The whole fuel cell system with the existing traction motor is integrated under the bonnet. The battery of the Vivaro-e is replaced by three 700 bar hydrogen tanks with a capacity of 4,4 kg.

Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen — Source: Opel

The 45-kW fuel cell can generate enough power for longer stretches of highway driving, while the 10,5 kWh lithium-ion battery located under the front seats provides dynamic peak power when required, for example, at start-up and under acceleration. The range is up to 400 kilometres (WLTP1) and it takes only three minutes to refuel with hydrogen. The vehicle offers a cargo volume of up to 6,1 m3 and a payload of 1.000 kilogrammes as well as a towing capacity of 1.000 kg. The Vivaro-e HYDROGEN is available in lengths M and L (4,95 and 5,30 m) and has already joined the fleet of Miele, the German premium domestic appliance manufacturer.

This year is the 40th time the KS automobile club has awarded the energy and environment prize. Founded in 1981, the award recognises innovative technologies, concepts and development in the automobile industry and the mobility branch that protect the environment.