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At the 7th Nufam trade fair from 30th September to 3rd October 2021, Kögel will present highlights from the current product portfolio, such as the Kögel Euro Trailer from the NOVUM generation, the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality or the advanced Kögel Telematics system, to an interested trade audience. Kögel will also present its attractive Full Service package, which offers an individually customisable portfolio of services for maximum flexibility and complete control over fleet management costs.

Kögel's trade fair attendance will be fully in keeping with the company motto, ”Economy meets Ecology – Because we care”: economy, sustainability and responsible consumption of natural resources are issues that are not only important to Kögel, but the entire transport and logistics world. The combination of these fundamental values forms the basis for Kögel's modern, business-savvy approach, and is reflected both in the company and its product portfolio.

Koegel Tipper — Source: Koegel

Kögel Tipper Trailer and Kögel Cool directly at the Kögel stand

At its exhibition stand, Kögel will present a real payload giant in lightweight clothing with the tipper trailer. Compared to its steel/steel cousins, the Kögel tipper trailer with a thermal tipper body, weighs significantly less. The clever material mix of steel and aluminium, made possible by intelligent bolted technology, enables a considerable reduction in tare weight. In turn, the low tare weight reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is all in line with Kögel’s guiding principle: “Economy meets ecology – because we care”. The newly developed underride guard of the tipper trailer provides increased safety and prevents dirt and bulk material from building up on the component. With this feature, Kögel has further increased user-friendliness in daily use.

High user-friendliness is also a key feature of the Kögel Cool – PurFerro quality. The freezer box trailerhas been adapted to the special market requirements of transporting fresh foods, frozen foods and pharmaceutical products, and can be further adapter to any customer requirement, thanks to numerous special equipment options. The Kögel Cool can be made even lighter and safer with optional lightweight construction elements, as well as with the three functional lights on the gantry and the LED strips on the interior. This provides increased protection for drivers and load, and the loading process is made easier and clearer.

A further benefit for the efficient use of Kögel Cool is provided by Kögel Telematics. Thanks to the CoolTrailer telematics package, which combines the PosControl, TrailerControl, EBSControl and TempControl services, the Kögel trailer telematics module sends data, such as the trailer's position in real time, the coupling status, the EBS data, the room temperature, the refrigeration unit's operating mode, and parametrised setpoints, to the Kögel Telematics web portal. What's more, the Kögel Telematics Connectivity database not only allows forwarding companies to display all the data acquired in the Kögel Telematics web portal and other fleet management systems, but also to import it into existing processes and a host of software systems in real time.

Koegel port 45 Triplex — Source: Koegel

Kögel Euro Trailer NOVUM and Kögel Port 45 Triplex in the outdoor area

On the communal mile North, Kögel will present two further innovations designed for sustainability in goods transport. These are the Port 45 Triplex container chassis, which won the “European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020”, and the Euro Trailer of the NOVUM generation. They both have in common the pioneering spirit of low-emission goods transport.

While the lightweight Euro Trailer NOVUM consumes less fuel per trip, with 10% more loading volume and space for up to four additional pallets, depending on the body variant, the Kögel Port 45 Triplex is one of the lightest container chassis on the market. With a low tare weight of only 4.500 kg in the basic version and 4.360 kg with special equipment, it guarantees maximum cost-efficiency in intermodal transport and is suitable for transporting all conventional container types.

Kögel Full Service: The all-round carefree package for every fleet

Kögel offers optional, flexible full-service solutions with its Full Service package. Forwarding companies can keep fixed costs under control, thanks to affordable monthly rates. Ongoing maintenance work is taken on by one of numerous Kögel contracted repair workshops in Europe. This ensures that the value of Kögel trailers is maintained. The Full Service package includes all service tasks required and recommended by Kögel, according to the maintenance check list, including any spares, wear parts and materials required to complete them.

In addition, it includes all repairs required due to wear and tear on vehicles under the contract, on condition that they were used and deployed appropriately for their intended purpose. Excluded from this offer are our optional additional services. The offer covers wages, materials and auditing. In addition, Kögel will pay the inspection charges for the main investigation legally prescribed in the various regions and for the safety test carried out in cooperation with accredited test organisations. The package also includes the load securing check required by DIN EN 12642 XL. Additional individual Full Service offers are available on request and in combination with Kögel’s attractive leasing and hire purchase contracts.

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