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After finishing university, Sarai Granell Vicente pursued a career in sales, but no matter how hard she worked she just didn’t feel happy. It was time for her to pursue her dream of being a medical paramedic.

This first film in the new "Lifesavers" series follows Sarai just four months into her new role. As she embarks on a twelve hour nightshift, the cameras capture her in action and gain insights into what drives her to be a lifesaver. From rushing to attend a 96 year old man, whose been struggling to breathe for an hour already, to being called to an altercation at one of the city’s bars, Sarai embarks on a typical night, filled with both adrenaline and moments of reflection.

Working with the Valencia Ambulancias Edetanas in Spain, Sarai may face doubts and fears, but ultimately she feels she is now doing the best thing she can do every day.

Ford Transit Ambulance in Valencia — Source: Ford

The "Lifesavers" series

In each episode, the Ford video cameras have captured the tough daily challenges that confront the featured lifesaver as they serve their local communities. The series will include:

  • Episode 1: Valencia Ambulance Service, Spain (May 31st, 2021);
  • Episode 2: Water Rescue, Czech Republic (June 21st, 2021);
  • Episode 3: Derby Mountain Rescue, UK (July 12th, 2021);
  • Episode 4: Marseille Fire Brigade, France (August 2nd, 2021);
  • Episode 5: Fire Brigade, Slovenia (August 23rd, 2021);
  • Episode 6: Bavarian Red Cross, Germany (Date TBC).
Ford Ranger Water Rescue in Czech Republic — Source: Ford

Valencia Ambulancias Edetanas

The ambulance service was established in 1991 and has around 200 ambulances and 100 drivers. Some of the medical team have been with the service since it began. They provide both unassisted and assisted medical transport to both the public and private sectors in Valencia.

«Personally, my greatest fear is not knowing what to do during a call out. Not knowing what to do and then failing… you have to be prepared for anything», said Sarai Granell Vicente, medical paramedic, Valencia.

«What we captured is just a small glimpse of the intensity, raw passion and bravery Sarai gives to each patient that enters her ambulance each night. After two nights the camera team was exhausted, while Sarai on the other hand kept rolling even after the cameras switch off», said Jerome Isaac, producer, Makerhouse/ Ford of Europe.

Author: Ford