Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer and ICTS Group continue to strengthen their partnership. Recently, the company decided to add 20 Kässbohrer Dry Freight Plywood Box vehicles to their fleet. The ICTS Group is a trailer rental, maintenance and field services company and provides services in the major transport routes in Europe, mainly in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Russia. The ICTS fleet consists of more than 2800 vehicles.

Mr. Joop Roijakkers, Vice President of ICTS Group, and Mr. Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account Management at Kässbohrer, detailed their partnership.

«For over 5 years, we operate with Kässbohrer Curtainsider and Container Chassis vehicles and are very happy with their robustness and performance. As a result of Kässbohrer quality, we have decided to add 20 Kässbohrer Dry Freight Plywood Box Vehicles to our fleet. For our operations in narrow city roads, Kässbohrer K.SBT C vehicles provide excellent maneuverability with their mechanical steering axle. The vehicle’s steering axles will enable time saving and decrease fuel consumption as well as preventing vehicle damages in our operations. We are very glad to extend our partnership with Kässbohrer», stated Mr. Roijakkers.

Kässbohrer Dry Freight Plywood Box — Source: Kässbohrer

Kässbohrer’s Head of Key Account Management Mr. Mehmet Önen said: «As Kässbohrer, we are offering Europe’s widest product range to our customers in more than 55 countries. In addition to our more than 600 Kässbohrer Curtainsider (standard or mega versions) and Container Chassis vehicles, we are very happy to bolster ICTS Group’s fleet with our Dry Freight Plywood Box Vehicles. K.SBT C is robust with 20 mm thick plywood walls, 7,2 ton forklift capacity phenol resin coated plywood floor as standard.

«In order to increase the robustness of the floor, the vehicle is equipped with heavy duty welded kick plates on the sidewall and front wall. For ICTS, our vehicle is offered with several options such as Tail-lift to accelerate loading and unloading when there is no ramp, turtle mechanical lock to increase security against theft, an insulated roof to protect the vehicle against humidity and prolong product life and lashing rails to ensure load security.

«Apart from the options ICTS selected, we also offer versatile options such as double deck option to increase the capacity to 66 euro pallets, crane pockets for intermodal operations, laminated hardwood floor for tough operations, aluminum shutter door for easy and quick loading and unloading and cantilever lift to accelerate loading and unloading when there is no ramp. We are sure that our partnership with ICTS Group will continue thanks to our wide product range, vehicles that are perfect fit for their operations, extensive sales and wide after-sales support